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Carbon brush installed
Published£º 2014-04-03 Be read Views£º 1419

Carbon brush installed

1. Carbon brush into the brush holder should assure to be able to move freely up and down, the clearance between the carbon brush and brush wall between 0.1 0.3 mm, in order to avoid carbon brush and brush for clearance is too large to produce. The lower edge of the brush from the commutator surface distance should be kept at about 2 mm.

2. On the same motor, in principle, should use the same type of carbon brush, but individual reversing particularly difficult for large and medium-sized motor, can use the twin carbon brush, the slide to the side with good lubrication performance, sliding out side used to suppress the spark ability of carbon brush, so that the operation of the carbon brush is improved.

3. In the same motor carbon brush of the units to pressure evenly, in order to avoid uneven current distribution, overheating and spark that generates individual carbon brush. "Carbon brush carbon brush unit pressure should according to technical performance table" to select, for high speed motor or work under vibration condition, should raise the unit pressure, guarantee the normal work. For example: tractor motor carbon brush unit pressure is 0.4 to 0.6 KGF/cm2.



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